This is what we do.

We help small business owners, busy professionals, and retirees manage their personal finances. Their time is valuable and staying on top of their financial situation can be complicated and exhausting. They need someone who can gather their financial information in one place and manage the details, so they can focus their time and attention on the important things.


How do we do it? It starts with the BIG PICTURE.

One of the most valuable things we can do for our clients is to put all the pieces of their financial life together in one place.

First, we get to know your situation beyond the typical 5 part questionnaire or generic customer profile. Then we develop a financial plan that's made FOR YOU. A quality financial plan is a road map for where we want to go. It helps to (1) define your goals into Needs, Wants and Wishes, (2) track financial assets and measure your progress, and (3) test different "what-if" scenarios to help with the unknowns.

Once your plan is established, on the investment-side we utilize account aggregation technology (powered by Morningstar) to download your investment account data into a secure, easily-accessible client portal. This works for 401k, 403b, real estate; almost any account with online access. We see not only account totals (like or other simplified account aggregators) but individual positions, trades, performance, fund expenses and advisory fees paid, downloaded daily for (practically) real time data and analysis.

A disciplined investment process.

Once the destination (Big Picture) is in place, your different investment accounts (IRA, Roth, SEP, Trust, Charitable, etc.) are the engine to get us there.

We actively manage your different accounts based on a disciplined investment process. Portfolio management and asset allocation is done in-house for two main reasons: (1) to keep costs down, and (2) to keep things simple. Clients can know the WHAT, HOW and WHY they are invested by simply asking us. We welcome any opportunity to explain our process because we think it helps clients better understand the markets and become better investors.

When it comes to customization, we tailor each portfolio to your individual needs and risk tolerance. What does that mean? Each client account has a unique blend of our CORE & Explore models that reflect different investment preferences and ideas:

  • I want to be more aggressive in my IRA than my Trust account
  • I want to hold on to individual stock positions
  • My tax bill is too high, I'm looking for tax-efficiency
  • I need income from my portfolio for daily living
  • I don't like bonds; show me some bond-alternative strategies

Other ways we can help.

Company Retirement Plans. Most small business owners want to focus on running their business and delegate the details required to maintain a great retirement plan. Deferring income and saving on taxes used to be good enough for business owners. However, improvements in financial technology (like payroll integration) and additional features (such as employee retirement education, automatic enrollment, and self-directed investment options) make having a great retirement plan today entirely doable at a reasonable cost.

We can help our small business owners get a retirement plan started or, for existing plans, see about bringing it up to today's standards.

Buy/Sell Residence or Investment Real Estate.
Buying or selling your home or real estate is a significant decision and financial investment. Ryan Curtis, our firm principal, has his real estate agent license, and his background as an investment advisor has helped our clients by bringing a unique view to the transaction process, especially as it relates to their Big Picture.

Clients' Best Interest & Independence.

Curtis Advisory Group, LLC is a registered investment advisor, which means we have a fiduciary duty to our clients. As a fiduciary, we have a fundamental obligation to provide investment advice that always acts in our clients' best interests. We are transparent about our fees and any conflicts of interest that may arise. We don't get paid commissions for advisory services.

We are independent. Our compensation is not tied to any particular fund family, company, or investment product. There are no corporate strings or hidden motivations in the recommendations we make; only to provide the best quality advice and services we can.