Consolidated Reporting & Analysis

Almost every investor we meet has money at more than one institution.  Maybe they have their primary relationship with one advisor but then have a 401k with a different custodian.  Maybe they invested in a private investment that could not be held with their primary custodian.

We feel it is difficult for most investors to get a handle on how they are doing holistically and is why we have invested in the technology to aggregate your investment accounts for reporting purposes, regardless of where the assets are held or if we are managing them.

We include this aggregation service complimentary for clients.  In addition, if clients have other accounts that they would like to have another set of eyes on but want general consultation with limited management, we can typically help track and advise those accounts as well.  These may be accounts with another advisor, self managed or even accounts of elderly parents.   Please ask us for more details on how it all works.