Investment Management

Account types we manage:

  • IRAs - Traditional, Roth, SEP, SIMPLE, Inherited
  • Taxable accounts - Trust, Individual, Transfer on Death, Joint
  • Businesses - Profit-sharing plans, Defined-benefit plans, Solo-401(k)s, Corporate
  • Charitable - Foundations, Donor-Advised Funds
  • 529 College Savings Plans

A simplified way to see the markets, our CORE investment process is designed to keep you invested and grow your portfolio over time. We want clients to not only understand what we are doing but also why we are doing it.

When it comes to managing our CORE portfolios, we follow three main principles:

Actively managed - we regularly monitor and make adjustments to a client's portfolio. As we go through different market cycles, investments that performed well one year may not do so the next. Active risk management can help clients stay invested through both good and tough market cycles.

Broad-based - in our CORE portfolios, we focus on funds (ETFs or mutual funds) with broad exposure to a different portion of the stock or bond market. We believe that all parts should be represented to maintain a properly diversification and reduce volatility of the portfolio.

Observation-driven - throughout the management process, we use proprietary investment rankings and various indicators to identify trends that help us make investment decisions.

In using our EXPLORE models, we look for additional ways to grow your portfolio or further diversify in areas that are not included in our CORE strategies. Due to regulations, not all investors qualify to participate in our EXPLORE models:

  • individual stocks
  • sector rotation - tech, energy, financials, etc.
  • private real estate
  • private equity
  • private debt

Building your Portfolio.
By keeping account management in-house, we can build CUSTOMIZED PORTFOLIOS to fit our client's needs and wishes. Each account may have a different blend of our CORE & EXPLORE models, allowing us to accommodate many client requests, including (but not limited to):

  • "I pay too much in taxes. I want tax-efficiency."
  • "I don't like bonds. Show me alternative strategies."
  • "I'm retiring and need income from my portfolio."
  • "I'm worried about big market drops. What is our plan?"