Who gets paid when you invest? (and why that matters!)

Schwab recently announced that the company would be reducing commissions on U.S. and Canadian stocks, ETFs and options from $4.95 to $0.

The announcement enticed other competing firms to also reduce or eliminate commission charges on stocks, ETFs and options. With companies not charging commissions on trades any more, you might be inclined to ask:

So how are they making money?

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Examining Risk vs. Reward

In our last post, “What is Asset Allocation?”, we described 3 different asset classes (equities, fixed income, and cash) as well as the importance of the risk vs. reward relationship in the security selection process, specifically how different asset class mixes form different risk/reward profiles. Let’s examine that relationship a little further by answering the…

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What is Asset Allocation?

Asset Allocation is one of the most important factors in investment returns; at least as, if not more, important than market timing and security selection (collectively called active management). When you hire an investment manager to manage your investment accounts, you’re paying for (active) management of your portfolio AND asset allocation. BUT when you hire…

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This is what we do.

We help small business owners, busy professionals, and retirees manage their personal finances. Their time is valuable and staying on top of their financial situation can be complicated and exhausting. They need someone who can gather their financial information in one place and sort through and manage and the details, so they can focus their time and attention on the important things.

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