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Dedicated Advisor

Are you confident about your financial situation?

Life is busy and finances are complicated.

Which leads to...

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You could use a Financial Advocate.

Advocate advisory services are for individuals and families who desire ongoing, fiduciary-level financial advice that fits their unique financial situation.

It's subscription-based, meaning you pay as you go.

It's transparent, in that there's one, agreed-upon, monthly, flat fee for services. We do not get paid any commissions or charge an AUM fee based on a percentage of assets we manage.

In fact, you do not have to transfer any accounts! Everything can stay as-is while we advise on your situation.

As Your Dedicated Financial Advocate, we can help you:

  • See your big picture

  • Plan for your future

  • Know how you're invested across all your accounts

  • Uncover hidden costs and embedded fund fees

  • Utilize our low-cost investment account solution (optional)

  • Make confident financial decisions

How We Can Help

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View All Your Investment Accounts In One Place*

A secure client portal shows all your accounts together so you can have a real-time view of how you're invested.


*No need to move accounts. We connect with thousands of financial institutions.
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Prioritize What's Important

We'll create some goals and plan out steps to help you achieve them. That includes avoiding common pitfalls and preparing for potential risks that could set you back.

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Working With You

Guiding you to become a better investor, we can help you make consistently good financial decisions over the long run.

Have questions? Schedule a call or call (805) 963-6181.

Next-level financial planning and investment advice.

Advocate moves beyond your monthly statements to get below the surface and find out what is really going on in each of your accounts. We help you see your whole picture, analyze your portfolio, and translate your data into actionable insights.

Advocate offers 2 specific areas of focus:

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  • Focus On the Big Picture
  • Determine Savings Goals
  • Test Different What-If Scenarios
  • Measure Retirement Preparedness with the Retirement Confidence Meter
  • Evaluate Lifetime-income and Cash Flows Projections
and more...
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  • Real-time Analysis of Accounts, including 401(k) and 403(b)
  • Highlight Red Flags
  • Uncover Hidden Fees & Embedded Fund Expenses
  • We'll Translate Your Data So You Can Understand It
and more...

One Fixed Monthly Fee

Full Service Package

$400 per Month
  • Comprehensive Financial Planning
  • Portfolio Analysis, Tracking & Oversight
  • Interactive Client Portal: Investment Accounts in One Place
  • Help With 401(k)/403(b)
  • Regular Updates from a Dedicated Advisor

Focused-Service Package

Custom Pricing
  • ** Investment-Focused
  • ** Financial Planning-Focused
  • ** Second Opinion Service
  • ** Young Family Kick-starter

Have questions? Schedule a call or call (805) 963-6181.

**Advocate fixed-fee services are for households with less than $5 Million in investable assets.**

What Makes Advocate So Different?

Advocate is about redefining the strength and integrity of the client/advisor relationship. Some investors have a difficult time trusting an advisor whose compensation comes from large upfront commissions or outside sources (fund expenses & fees). Today's investors want holistic financial advice that puts them first, without hidden fees or mis-aligned incentives.

We believe personalized advice that is in your best-interest can only be provided within the context of a fiduciary relationship. By designing Advocate as a transparent, fixed-fee arrangement, we put you in control over, not only the services you receive, but HOW and WHEN you pay for them.


See if Advocate is right for you.

Inital Review of your portfolio at no cost.

If you want more confidence in your financial direction and are looking for a fixed-fee, fiduciary advisor to guide you on your financial journey, call us at (805) 963-6181 and GET STARTED TODAY.

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