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Clarify Your Goals

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Navigate Difficult Markets

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Retire With Confidence

How often do you wonder if you have enough or should be doing more to better your financial situation? Are unpredictable markets stifling your ability to make good decisions? Is the financial world adding confusion to investment choices with hidden fees, disjointed reporting and conflicts of interest? A lack of clear advice may already be costing you more than you think.

Being confident in your financial situation shouldn't be this hard.

Let's simplify your situation

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Have A Plan to Know You're On Track

Clarify your Big Picture.

Like starting a long journey, we identify urgent tasks and map out your long term priorities to help you see where you're going.

And when priorities change, life circumstances change, and tax laws change, we can run projections, make adjustments and get you get back on track.

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A Disciplined Investment Strategy Can Help You Navigate Difficult Markets & Grow Your Assets

Markets are unpredictable. You don't have to be.

A custom-built investment portfolio and a disciplined strategy can help you ride out market volatility and achieve your long term goals.

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Retire With Confidence

When you have a plan, are informed about your investments, and have access to a team of experienced professionals at any time, you can have freedom to do the things you enjoy.

Step into a more confident financial situation

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1. Tell Us What You Need

A conversational meeting to clarify your goals and understand your specific situation

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2. Gain A Clear Plan

We can map out your goals and build a custom investment portfolio to help you get there

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3. Start Checking Off Goals

We implement the plan, monitor investments, track progress, and provide regular updates so you stay informed

Why Curtis advisory?

We all could feel a lot better if the financial world wasn't so complex.

Unfortunately, monthly statements seem to be getting longer and less clear. Investment reporting is disjointed. It's difficult to know what you own. Big institutions are focused on numbers instead of people. Fees are hidden. Conflicts of interest are the norm.


Ryan E. Curtis


Holistic Wealth Management

Independently Owned




Joshua D. Hayes, CFP®

We take a custom approach to wealth management where our clients come first. We don't have a one-size-fits-all solution, and we can collaborate with any of your other outside professionals (CPAs, Estate Attorneys, etc.) to bring everyone on the same page to better your situation.

Being independent allows us to make decisions for our clients without any outside sales pressure or influence.

We take on the role of a fiduciary. This means we have a legal responsibility to provide advice that puts your interests before our own.

Our fees are transparent so you know exactly how and when we get paid. We don't charge commissions for advisory services or get paid for recommending specific or proprietary investments.


Ryan E. Curtis



Joshua D. Hayes, CFP®

Curtis Advisory Group, LLC is an SEC registered investment advisor

$370 M

AUM as of 12/31/2021


Households in 10 States

 Since 2009

Serving the Santa Barbara Community and beyond

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Joshua D. Hayes, CFP®

We believe everyone deserves to have competent advice and a clear plan to help them achieve their goals.

Life is constantly changing: goals, priorities, markets, the Economy, tax rules... without a framework to make good decisions, it can feel like reinventing the wheel every time something needs to be done. It's exhausting.

Our Process

First, we learn who you are to create a unique plan to help you succeed. We identify your most urgent needs and clarify your short and long term goals. By knowing where you are and where you are trying to go, we can help create clear steps to get there.


Next, we build custom investment portfolios designed to efficiently manage your financial assets and achieve your goals. Our disciplined investment framework is easy to understand,  communicated in plain English. Custom investment models are based on our assessment of your own risk targets and goals, not a one-size fits all strategy. We measure progress and regularly report back so you stay informed.


Finally, we pay attention to your portfolio, monitor the investments, and make changes when necessary.


When you hire Curtis Advisory as your personal wealth management team, you can:

  • Feel confident you are on track to reach your goals
  • Have peace of mind that we are watching and have a plan of action when markets shift
  • Be assured of having someone to reach out to for advice or council at any time
  • Be informed on what your are invested in, why you own it, and how it is performing
  • Have comfort knowing you have a team of experienced, independent people that built a strategy personally for you and are not compensated by outside agendas
  • Have freedom to do the things you enjoy

Other Services

Real Estate

Ryan (CBRE# 01873883) is a licensed Realtor with Santa Barbara Brokers. He works closely with the principals of the firm, Andy Alexander and Ryan Malmsten, but will partner with other agents when appropriate.

We feel this partnering approach provides our clients with a superior level of service and a smoother transaction as we fully understand our clients long term goals and objectives. Clients and friends are welcome to search for Santa Barbara real estate with our local real estate search site. Click HERE to search.

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