Curtis Advisory Group, LLC is a boutique wealth management firm located in Santa Barbara.   We help clients PLAN, EXECUTE, and MONITOR their entire wealth plan. We are focused on serving families and business owners who value having an INDEPENDENT and OBJECTIVE INVESTMENT ADVISOR to help them navigate the many financial decisions that must be made over a lifetime. Our mission is to help clients feel confident in their wealth plan so they can focus on pursuing their passions.

Plan Intelligently

We believe clients will have a better chance of achieving their goals if they have their goals well DEFINED. We ask clients to PRIORITIZE their...

Invest Dilligently

Invest Dilligently Once we have defined our client’s goals, we feel our primary objective is to construct a portfolio which will meet these goals...

Evaluate Efficiently

Evaluate Efficiently or•gan•ize "To arrange systematically for harmonious or united action" an•a•lyze "To examine methodically by separating into...

Food for Thought

Search Santa Barbara Real Estate

Visitors are welcome to use our Santa Barbara real estate search tool. Simply click on the link below and register for free. You can set up...

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How Confident are You?

How confident are you in your financial situation? Take this quick test.

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Closing the Behavior Gap

The Behavior Gap is the difference between investment returns and investor returns. Find out three ways you can help close the Behavior Gap

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Our Investment Process

Learn more about our Core & Explore approach.

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If you Give, Consider Appreciated Stock

Consider giving appreciated stocks or mutual funds to your favorite charity instead of cash.

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Give, Grow, Grant

Learn about the solutions afforded by a Donor Advised Fund.

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Planning for Retirement

Do I have enough for retirement? There are numerous factors that affect our answer to this common question. Before we run projections for you...

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Real Estate Solutions

In an effort to provide investment solutions beyond stocks and bonds, Ryan Curtis has his real estate license with Santa Barbara Brokers.

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Manage Risk

Risk management is an integral part of the planning process.

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